2019 Speaking Topic and Theme Ideas:


  • The Competitive Advantage of Automation: The Entrepreneurial Game You Didn’t Even Know You Were Losing
  • Why Creative Entrepreneurs are Scared of Automation, and How it is Affecting Their Bottom Line
  • The Freedom Framework: 6 Pillars of Stress-Free Entrepreneurship
  • The Freedom Formula: The 3 Non-Negotiables Every Business Owner Needs to Eliminate Frustration, Experience Freedom and Make Significant Impact
  • The F28 Framework: A 4-Step Approach to Entrepreneurial Freedom
  • The System Switch: Shifting from Self-Employed to CEO
  • Fire Yourself While Increasing Sales: 3 Missing Systems That Turned You Into an Overworked, Overbooked and Underpaid Employee of Your Own Company
  • Top 7 Mistakes That Keep Entrepreneurs From the Freedom They Crave
  • Why True Freedom Matters For The Creative Entrepreneur?
  • Masterclass/Workshop: My 4-Step System for Bringing Your Vision to Fruition
  • Creating the Life You Want: The Power of Affirmations and Visualization
  • Social Media: Simultaneously Build Trust + Your Bank Account