DeVon and I are filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude (and slight disbelief) that we are building a home together, especially considering the backstory and details of our home-purchasing plans over the last two years. You know what they say about plans… I’m a visionary at heart, so I can’t help but to think about and throughly plan for the future. Yep, I’m talking the annoying color-coded, excel spread sheet planning type! Although this was unplanned and very unexepcted, we immediately knew we wanted to dedicate our property and every room of our home back to God in prayer and by writing scriptures on the framing during construction.

I saw the idea on pinterest while researching pros and cons of a new build, and we made a list of all our favorite scriptures for each room before we even officially purchased the lot.

Several of you slid this same suggestion to write scriptures in our frame in my Instagram DMs over the past several months of me sharing the progress of the house on my stories. The process…oooh the process and pruning and patience that it took to get here was more than challenging. Instead of detailing the beginning and how we got here by way of our upcoming blog House Hunters: Hell Edition 2017, I will share our current reality smack in the middle of the story…scary. Scared. Trusting. Building. Praying. Faith Walking.

After losing out on 2 homes and thousands in earnest money in 2017, (self-employed woes – stay tuned for the upcoming blog post on “What I Wish I Knew Before Buying a Home as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur“) I know for sure nothing goes as planned, even for visionaries. I debated while writing this post back in February if it made sense to share the middle…the process... the unknown…because what if the “end” never comes? What if we don’t close on the house? I can’t worry about that right now. I know my assignment, and it has always been transparency and sharing our life – good and bad, ups and downs – for God’s glory, not the gram. So here we are, on Super Bowl Sunday, while our entire city of Atlanta is TURNT, praying over our home, laying a spiritual foundation by adding scripture to the framing and inviting God’s presence into a space we believe He crafted just for us and our future family.

This has been such an emotional roller coaster. When I stepped foot into the room I saved allll the beautiful Pinterest pins to transform it into the most peaceful prayer room, I wrote I Thessalonians 5:17 on the door frame. Near the window I placed Jeremiah 29:13 along with the scriptures we specified for prayer and devotion.

[Enter water works]. I found a corner and wrote a letter to my future child(ren) on the wall as we plan to eventually convert the prayer room into a nursery. As soon as my husband grabbed my hands we began to pray, and I could not stop the tears from flowing. Gratitude. Fear. Questions. Expectancy. Hope.

I know I can choose a foundation of faith over fear and rest on the promises God made in His word. One of those promises has given me peace over the last few months. Deuteronomy 28:6 states that I will be blessed coming in and I will be blessed going out. We placed a dollar on the entry door frame of our home as a physical representation of aligning our faith with that promise. I surely hope we are blessed as we coming in and out of this door, but I am confident that our family is blessed coming in and out regardless of the address.

I don’t know what the next 90 days hold as we prepare to close on this home. I don’t know what all the future holds for the Scott family…but I do know we are intentional about laying a foundation of faith, and I know the One who holds the key to unlocking whatever vision He has lined up for our future. So for now, I am okay with that.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post for the backstory of everything we went through in the beginning stages of this House Hunters: Hell Edition as a results of my impatience, persistence, physical and mental clutter and lack of organization.