Guys don’t get me wrong – my life is completely wonderful, and I’ve been taking complete advantage of retiring from Corporate America at 28, being an entrepreneur and all the freedom and flexibility owning my own time affords me… But, it does NOT mean that I’m living a life free from stress. Life is hard! Entrepreneurship is hardER! And when I’m stressed and anxious, it’s hard to focus on anything except the stress, which definitely is not good for business.

Luckily I’ve found a few natural stress remedies that continually help me out. (Side note: I’m not a trained medical professional. There are many medical conditions that need to be treated with the right medicine, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! I just wanted to try some natural stress/anxiety relief remedies for myself. )

1. Good old fashioned heat. Now you may be wondering what on earth heat can do to help stress?! Luckily there is actually some scientific backing that shows the benefit of things like a hot bath or using a steam room! One of my go-to methods is to run a hot bath, add in some of my CHILL essential oils, which are full of calming lavender. If I am on the verge of snapping at the Mr. for simply breathing too heavily, I add a few more drop of the LAVENDER oil too #doubleUp!!  Of course I fill my hot bath with my favorite Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Bath Salts and light the Eucalyptus Spearmint stress relief aromatherapy candle.  I don’t know of a better smell!

2. Drink tea. In the south, we love our sweet iced tea, but I’m talking about hot teas like chamomile tea, peppermint tea, or l’theanine (also known as green tea). Peppermint tea is a great one to drink before bed because it is a natural muscle relaxer and does not contain any caffeine (so you don’t have to worry about it keeping you awake at night!). Chamomile tea helps reduce anxiety and also works as a muscle relaxer along with reducing irritability. Green tea has polyphenol that helps to fight against anxiety and stress. I don’t recommend drinking green tea right before bed though since it does naturally contain lots of caffeine which may not allow you sleep!

3. Exercise. 21 minutes is the magical number for stress relief with exercise according to researchers. And it’s really self explanatory. Just get off of the couch and get moving for 21 minutes. My fiance laughs at me, but i will often do a quick walk/jog twice around the block to let off some steam and refocus while praying…or blasting some gangsta rap so I can come back and handle up on life like a G!

4. Eat. Don’t let yourself get hangry! Trust me. It will get u-g-l-y. Emotional eating is real, and you can get stressed out if your body is not getting the right food that it needs to function properly. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat it! By eating and adding the right vitamins and also adding fish oil (omega 3’s) you can have a healthier less stressful life.

5. Take Confianza. Just do it. Get ya life changed! It is Jesus in a bottle, okay. It is a natural bottle of “Pipe-down” and “Focus baby girl. You’ve got this!” This supplement is my FAVE! The adaptogens in Confianza help your body fight fatigue and stress while improving mental focus.

So what are your methods for reducing stress in your life? I will be giving away this bundle of stress-relief goodies when you go follow my instagram @theFallonRice, like this photo, tag 5 friends you KNOW need some stress relief and document/share how you cope with stressors with the #2Blessed2beStressed hashtag durung the month of July. Can’t wait to see!

I think I’m going to go and take a bath, light this candle and head to bed myself.