After yet another weekend of traveling to Toronto with my love, eating and drinking, everything in sight, I woke up one morning and weighed myself. I took a hard look into the mirror. Holy crap! Where did all this come from? Who sent these unwanted pounds? How do I get them off? So I do what any other desperate person my age does. GOOGLE! I quickly skimmed through and WHOLE 30 popped out. BAM!  Elimination diet where I can still eat eggs, Whole 30 compliant bacon and avocado! Winning.

I decided to start instantly! BIG MISTAKE. I quickly jotted down a list of items that were Whole30 compliant and darted to the grocery store. I even went to Whole Foods because I knew they would have everything I needed. I came home, dropped everything on the contour and went to get my favorite American Deli Teriyaki wings (judge if you must).  It was my last treat before I started this new lifestyle. I was prepared… at least I thought I was. I soon found out that I wasn’t prepared at all. Here are a couple things to keep in mind if you want to successfully complete the Whole30 program.


PREPARE! I watched some YouTube videos, read some articles, printed the grocery list and dove in head first. I didn’t take time to MENTALLY prepare myself for the gargantuan task ahead of me. I made an immediate and emotional decision based on results from a series of poor eating choices the entire year! (It was a GREAT 2016 full of love and travel and food and more food.) Chasing immediate results to reverse and undo your habits will almost always not end up going as planned.

READ THE BOOK. I didn’t, which was an epic fail. EPIC. Even though all the articles warned not to start the program until you read the book, I apparently thought I was exempt. I would’ve understood the purpose and been aware of the main challenges that caused me to fail. [Enter 3-5]

SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING! I’ve never been big on sweets. At my birthday parties my mom would order cake for my guests, but I never ate it. I never order desserts at restaurants. Like, I literally never have. My friends save room for dessert, and I save room to finish their food they didn’t eat making room for dessert. I don’t buy candy. So when I read that cutting out sugar was the main part of Whole30 I thought I was golden. Then I realized on every ingredient label there was some form of added sugar, especially on sauces. I am a SAUCE GIRL. Chick-fil-a sauce. Soy Sauce. Yum Yum sauce. Ranch sauce (with my wings). Honey Mustard sauce. Hollandaise sauce. Aioli sauce. Too much sauce! Naturally this presented a problem. I eat sauce every day in some form. On Whole30 you have to pretty much find compliant sauces or make your own sauce – gasp! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Speaking of time.

TIME & TRAVEL! One of my biggest downfalls is the lack of time to get anything done. Holla if you hear me!  I decided to do this “diet” (see #5) while actively going through a growth spurt in my business. Sidebar: If you are an entrepreneur, you probably don’t want to do this if you are constantly on the go! I’m just saying. On the flip side, entrepreneurs typically have more flexibility to make it work. Ok so back to time and travel…In my industry you want to get in front of people as much as you can and build relationships. MAJOR KEY.  I spend a lot of time in the air visiting, launching and training my team all over the world. Traveling and maintaining a healthy diet & lifestyle are hard enough as it is, but even harder when you tack on no dairy, sugar, alcohol, no grains or legumes.

With everything I have going on, making time to adequately prep and cook Whole30 compliant meals isn’t realistic for me right now.  I do have a fiancé but no children, which means no big family to cook for yet. (Shout out to all the mamas out there holding it down. I legit have NO earthly idea how you fit it all in) Luckily he can feed himself, but he wasn’t doing Whole 30 with me (#6 reason) so I would be crazy to expecting him to attempt to cook a compliant meal. Whole 30 takes A LOT of pre-planning and cooking. If you don’t have time to fully incorporate Whole30 into your life/schedule, don’t bother.

IT IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS DIET. My only goal was weight loss. It was not a lifestyle change; not to feel better (which is BIG in Whole30); not to identify stress or acne triggers caused by allergens.  “Just make me skinny, Jesus!” was my cry. You think “Oh, it’s only a 30-day program. I got this!” WRONG it brings alarming awareness to everything you put in your body and the effects they have.  Whole30 should spark a lifestyle change, and a simple, short-term weight loss goal won’t accomplish that!

GET A STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEM. Long story short, I thought I would be good with the 2 Facebook groups I joined and the vast online Whole30 community. WRONG AGAIN. Although my fiancé is very supportive, he likes wings with his football. Sunday night football. Monday night football. Weekday replay football. Saturday college football… And I love wings too. He also likes to take me on dates…a lot…for food. In case it hasn’t clicked yet, dining out + Whole30 = EPIC fail.  We also lead busy lives and eat out almost daily (I know. Judge if you must). He is amazing, but he is a real “man’s man.” Translation – I am not doing no Whole30 babe, and I am still headed to Buffalo Wild Wings. Wanna come?!  

If everyone in your household or immediate circle is not going to do it with you, push you and refrain from daily happy hour and dinner parties, you can hang Whole30 up!