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All my life I struggled balancing being a greedy foodie with having a hot, healthy body. (I know you can relate. I won’t tell anyone). Hear how I lost 30 pounds while being restricted from exercise, kept it off, gained it back and what I am doing now to get in the best shape of my life for my wedding. I also share some of my favorite wellness products for daily maintenance, stress, skin, hair growth, energy, menopause, stretch marks and overall holistic health.

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“As a divorced mom of two small children, of course I’ve gained “mommy” weight over the span of pregnancy, but my kids are 6 and 3 and full of energy. At some point, I can no longer use mommy weight as an excuse! I found myself needing more energy just to keep up with them, and being overweight as well as out of shape didn’t help. The Greens alone helped me lose 18 pounds in two months! With the new Metabolic Burn pack, which I’ve only had a little over a week), I dropped 3 more pounds, and I’ve gotten the best results I’ve ever had with the wraps through consistency. These products are literally changing my life. This additional weight was simply because over the years, I wasn’t eating the greatest foods, I didn’t watch my portion sizes, and I wasn’t exercising regularly. Even at 35, I could feel my body start to break down on me; my ankles hurt, my hips hurt, and there were a few times I couldn’t walk because of a pulled muscle and having too much weight on me. Talk about a reality check! I needed a change badly! Not only do I have a great deal of energy now, but I’m also more focused & improving my quality of life. Thankfully, I’ve got enough energy now that I drink my Greens daily and add a few Energy drinks here and there.”

It Works has truly been a God send not only because of the products that have helped change my lifestyle but also the money I’ve earned through helping others change their lives. Like many educators, I needed a side job to supplement my income especially being a single parent, but I had a difficult time finding one that I could work from home. After seeing a friend’s weight loss results on Facebook and hearing how I could “get paid to use the products”, it just made sense to become a distributor. It was not a coincidence, and I truly believe It Works was my answer from God as I’d been praying to find the perfect side job. I joined just to make an extra $500/month. With my commissions and wrap cash, I’ve been able to pay my daughter’s tuition for private school, gas, groceries, extracurricular activity fees for my son, bills, and the occasional trip to the Nail Bar for Mani-Pedis. I can’t imagine what life would be like had I not been introduced to It Works. I’m truly grateful for saying yes to this awesome opportunity!

These are my results from The Weight Loss System – Wraps, Greens and ThermoFit, lots of water, and healthier eating. – @freedomWithCheree

Cheree Bell,  Educator

Atlanta, GA