“I come that they may have abundant, real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” — John 10:10

Daughter of The King. Dreamer. Doer. F28 Agency Founder. Foodie. Wife. World Traveler. Texan turned Georgia Peach. CPA. Overthinker. ∆∑O. Strategist. Entrepreneur. Fighter. Influencer. Dream Catalyst.

“Go to school. Study hard and graduate. Get a good job.”

I can talk about all of these things that, in part, define me; but what I want you to know about me above all else is that I am a dreamer. My passion and persistence to make my dreams reality and experience John 10:10 first hand have ignited a fire in me to be the catalyst to cause you to DREAM and also experience this abundant, real life. So welcome to my world of stepping out on faith to launch my own business, traveling to more than 30 countries before 30, battling the scale and mirror while balancing faith, foodie-ism, failure, friends and fear. My prayer is that the transparency of my life through this site will cause you to understand that a blessed, abundant life isn’t a perfect life, but but rather a life that is determined to dream AND EXECUTE in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

Fallon Rice describes herself as a girl from Houston who went for it! She did all the things mainstream America suggests. “Go to school. Study hard and graduate. Get a good job.” She went to Baylor University, graduated with 6 figures in student loan debt, a business degree and Master of Accountancy, became a licensed Certified Public Accountant and landed her dream job with a Big Four Firm in Atlanta, Georgia right out of graduate school. She was still broke, broken and bored with her routine. Overworked. Undperpaid. Underappreciated. Fallon was depressed, but even during her dark days, she relied on her faith and knew something better was around the corner…and it was.

After shifting her focus to her blessings and becoming intentional with her personal development, everything changed for Fallon. In April 2015 she reluctantly started her own business in the Direct Sales Industry. After only 5 months, Fallon replaced her full-time corporate salary, retired from Corporate America at 28 years old and became a Top 28 Income Earner out of 300,000 people! During this time, she was able to pay off over $90,000 in various debt and start living a life of true financial freedom while unlocking that same freedom and potential in thousands of others. As countless hopeful entrepreneurs, struggling graduates with insurmountable student-loan debt, single parents, and enlightened Corporate employees who valued their time freedom more than money began to seek out Fallon’s expertise she began to do more through her platform.

Fallon states, “I started dreaming again. I became passionate about igniting others’ flame to dream and execute!” Consequently, she founded a non-profit (a 10-year dream in the making) and Queens In The Counting House™ book club.  Most recently, Fallon launched her company, The F28 Agency, which streamlines sales processes and creates systems for entrepreneurs and small business so they can increase sales and experience freedom by working less! Fallon now spends her time pursuing her many passions, traveling the globe, adjusting to married and dog-mom life, being the ultimate foodie and connecting with, inspiring and empowering others to pursue their passions while creating an impactful life they love. Fallon finally realized that all of her habits, attributes, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and passions that make Fallon, Fallon have aligned to bring her to fulfill her God-given purpose.

“I am here to show you who Fallon really is, in hopes of finding the common thread that knits our lives together – even if only through a screen. My prayer is that something within me connects to something unique within you and becomes the catalyst for you to dream BIG again. Everyone has a dream. Not everyone has a dream catalyst.”